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Speech therapy for Kids

Hello Kids provides assessment and intervention for babies and toddlers, right through to adolescents.


Literacy encompasses reading, writing and spelling. 

We use evidence-based synthetic phonics programs that are tailored specifically to each child’s needs and level of mastery.

How we help

Our team is trained in a range of evidence-based synthetic phonic programs including Sounds Write, Little Learners Love Literacy, Multisensory Structured Language, the Ron Yoshimoto Orton Gillingham approach and Cracking the ABC Code. 

Our therapy effectively targets the skills that underpin reading and spelling success helping your child become a more confident reader, writer and speller. 


Communication is the foundation of relationships, and having communication tools helps your child stay connected with others.

Expressive language skills involve: vocabulary, spoken grammar skills, sentence structure abilities and clarity.

Receptive language skills include being able to understand verbal as well as visual information – which are key components towards understanding what is said.

How we help?

We equip children with the tools they need to express themselves clearly, both verbally and non-verbally. We go beyond just words, supporting them functionally to access the curriculum and participate fully in their world.

Our focus is on crafting functional language goals that have a lasting impact on your child’s life. This means equipping them with the skills they need to:

  • Clearly express their thoughts and needs
  • Actively engage in learning and social situations
  • Access and understand information effectively
  • Navigate everyday communication challenges with confidence


Our experienced speech therapists are passionate about empowering neurodivergent and autistic children to reach their full communication potential. We celebrate their unique strengths and embrace individual differences, through a neurodiversity affirming approach. 

How we support autistic children

  • Neurodiversity affirming, strengths based approach: This play-based approach follows your child’s lead, fostering social, emotional, and intellectual growth.
  • Hanen More Than Words: Specifically designed for preschool-aged children, this program equips parents with tools to support early communication development.


Through a comprehensive assessment, we identify your child’s specific needs and strengths, ensuring a personalised therapy plan that maximises their progress.

We believe in fostering confidence in social communication through evidence-based strategies and a supportive environment.

Social Communication

Our therapists are dedicated to celebrating neurodiversity. We provide support for neurodivergent children where they can grow their self-identity and self-advocacy skills. 

Our therapy is built upon understanding and appreciating the strengths our clients have. Working with each client and their families, we aim to create an environment where they can thrive.



Early language

Our therapists empower you to help build your child’s vocabulary by providing education, support and guidance. Early language therapy focuses on promoting communication, language development, and social interaction in children.

Does your child understand everything you say, play happily with others, but use fewer words than expected for their age? You’re not alone! Many children experience delayed speech development.

How we support early language and delayed language

We believe in empowering you to facilitate your child’s speech and language. We use evidence-based Hanen strategies to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to:

  • Expand your child’s vocabulary in everyday moments.
  • Spark natural, engaging communication through play.
  • Build your child’s confidence and love for language.

Play-based therapy

Children learn through play, that’s why we use a strength-based approach that includes your child’s interests to build upon their areas of need. Play skills are often the foundation to early language communication.

Engaging in play is crucial for building communication and interaction skills in children. It aids in the development of language, social skills, and emotional regulation.

of language, social skills, and emotional regulation.

Speech Sounds

Our therapy is designed to help your child overcome their speech sound difficulties so that they can be understood by others. 

Does your child struggle to say certain sounds, or sometimes swap one sound for another, such as ‘tat’ for ‘cat’? This can make communication challenging, but don’t worry! At Hello Kids, we’re here to help.

How we support speech sounds

We specialise in supporting children with speech sound delays and disorders.

We use assessments and therapy to:

  • Identify which sounds your child is having trouble with
  • Develop a personalised plan to address those specific sounds
  • Guide your child towards clear, confident, and understandable speech


Sometimes, children repeat sounds, words, or phrases more than usual, or seem to get “stuck” on their words. This can be confusing and frustrating, but it’s important to know that stuttering is a common communication challenge, and there’s help available.

At Hello Kids, we understand the impact stuttering can have on a child’s confidence and communication. We offer specialised therapy to help children:

  • Speak smoothly and confidently
  • Manage their anxieties and frustrations around speaking
  • Develop strategies for communicating effectively

How we support stuttering

Stuttering in young children can be addressed effectively with the Lidcombe Program, an evidence-based approach used by our trained speech pathologists. This program involves you, the parent, becoming your child’s speech coach in a fun and positive home environment. You’ll learn techniques to provide encouraging feedback during everyday activities, helping your child speak confidently and smoothly. 

What's next?

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