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We're so glad you found us. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to communicate confidently and meaningfully.

Passionate about children's speech pathology

Every parent wants their child to thrive. At Hello Kids Therapy Hub, we share that passion. We offer caring, evidence-based speech therapy for children. Our experienced therapists work closely with families to create personalised plans that address each child's unique needs, helping them discover the joy of confident communication.


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Services our Paediatric
speech Pathologists offer

We understand you want the best for your child. Our dedicated team assess and provide support for a range of childhood developmental concerns.

Expressive and receptive language

Expressive language skills involve: vocabulary, spoken grammar skills, sentence structure abilities and clarity. Receptive language skills include being able to understand verbal as well as visual information – which are key components towards comprehending what is said.

Social communication

Does your child need help navigating the world of social communication? We can work with your child to help support them as they navigate social challenges and situations.
We can support them to understand pragmatics (the unspoken rules of communication) and why communication breakdowns may be occurring.


We assess and address any difficulties your child might face in reading, writing and spelling. This ensures that your child can confidently access and participate fully in the world through the power of written communication.
We use evidence-based synthetic phonics programs tailored to each child's needs.

Autism Services

We provide specialised support for autistic individuals, focusing on building their positive self-identity and the skills to advocate for themselves. This neuroaffirmative approach empowers children and their families to embrace their unique strengths.

Augmentative + alternative communication (AAC)

Speech Pathologists play a crucial role in assessing AAC needs, selecting appropriate systems, and providing training and support for both individuals using AAC and their families.

Speech sounds

Speech sound therapy focuses on helping children with articulation and phonology. This may include helping your child with the precise and coordinated movement of the lips, tongue, and jaw needed to produce distinct speech sounds. Our therapy is designed to help your child overcome their speech sound difficulties so that they can be understood by others.


At Hello Kids, we understand the impact stuttering can have on a child’s confidence and communication. We offer specialised therapy to help children speak smoothly and confidently.

Early language

Our therapists empower you to help build your child’s vocabulary by providing education, support and guidance. Early language therapy focuses on promoting communication, language development, and social interaction in children.

At Hello Kids, we embrace the uniqueness of every child's mind. We celebrate neurodiversity, recognising the beautiful way that individuals learn, think, and experience the world. We believe these differences are not deficits, but strengths waiting to be explored. There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to being human. Our neurodiversity-affirming therapy empowers children to discover their strengths, build self-awareness, and develop powerful self-advocacy skills.

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Initial Consultation

You will have an initial meeting with one of our clinicians to discuss the goals you have for your child. This initial consultation may include screening assessments.


Your child's therapy program will be carried out by our clinicians and they will offer strategies and suggestions to support both your child and family to meet your goals.

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